Akoostix's tailored approach and flexible tools
are part of what makes us unique
  • R&D Process
    Akoostix uses a proven process to rapidly conceive, evaluate and refine practical solutions for real operators.
    Adeos is the framework upon which Akoostix develops operational systems for a wide variety of system solutions. The heart of Adeos is built with reusable software modules developed during research, while the remaining system is primarily composed of flexible reusable components. This approach reduces system cost and provides a rapid technology insertion path.
Reqirement Identified
Users generate and prioritize deficiencies.
Scientific Development
Scientists/engineers conceive potential solutions and validate them using theory and relatively small data sets.
Feedback can be provided from any stage of the process, so that issues can be quickly addressed at the appropriate level using existing knowledge, approaches and tools.
Analysis / Refinement Prototype
Candidate solutions are integrated into a research prototype for broader evaluation, deep analysis and refinement.
System Prototype
Proven solutions are integrated into system prototypes for evaluation and refinement of real-time design, operator interfaces and operational evaluation.
Generic Capability
Solutions and generalized capability are implemented in software libraries so that they can be used during all development stages and by a wide variety of system architectures.
Operational System
Proven solutions are integrated into operational systems for delivery to the end-user.
Polished capability Delivered To End User
Users are provided with practical robust solutions and a ready-made support network with which we can rapidly address issues and roll-out fresh solutions.