Akoostix prequalifies for Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program

Akoostix is very pleased to announce that our TruView Rapid Processing and Analysis (RPA) system has been selected for the pool of pre-qualified proposals with the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP). We are confident that we will fulfil the remaining requirements: establish a test department and negotiate a contract.

CICP will give DND the opportunity to experience and evaluate the benefits of TruView, and the Adeos framework that it is built upon, firsthand.

Adeos is built using a combination of software libraries developed by Akoostix for DRDC and Akoostix-owned software developed with the support of the NRC-IRAP program. This cost-effective system development approach enables technically-sound strategic investment and  cost reduction, especially for collaborative customers, such as the Canadian government, who get a return on their initial investment.

Akoostix continues to extend Adeos’ capability and is progressing plans to develop a variety of Adeos-based systems. We are also progressing internal and funded R&D projects that will provide more and better capability for Adeos users, as part of our continuous upgrade R&D process/program.

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Published by on Feb 3rd, 2012 Posted in Contract Award, Press, Update