Defence Minister Peter MacKay checks out TruView

Akoostix was very pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate TruView to Canada’s Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay, as he announced funding for Akoostix and the Canadian Navy Memorial Trust (CNMT). The demonstration was provided by Leading Seaman (LS) Patrick Murray from the Acoustic Data Analysis Centre’s (ADAC) Research Department. ADAC has been supporting Akoostix in the test and evaluation of TruView through the government’s Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP) program. ADAC now owns TruView and has been using it to process data from Canadian ships, submarines, and sonobuoys at speeds ranging between 8 and 100 times real time.

Commenting on TruView, Minister MacKay said, “It probably would have saved a lot of lives, I dare say. It has application across our entire navy fleet, and I’m suspect that some of our allies will be very interested in this technology.” For more on the news release.

LS Patrick Murray demonstrates TruView to Canada's Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay.

LS Patrick Murray demonstrates TruView to Canada’s Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay, while Akoostix’s President, Joe Hood, looks on.


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Akoostix prequalifies for Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program

Akoostix is very pleased to announce that our TruView Rapid Processing and Analysis (RPA) system has been selected for the pool of pre-qualified proposals with the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP). We are confident that we will fulfil the remaining requirements: establish a test department and negotiate a contract.

CICP will give DND the opportunity to experience and evaluate the benefits of TruView, and the Adeos framework that it is built upon, firsthand.

Adeos is built using a combination of software libraries developed by Akoostix for DRDC and Akoostix-owned software developed with the support of the NRC-IRAP program. This cost-effective system development approach enables technically-sound strategic investment and  cost reduction, especially for collaborative customers, such as the Canadian government, who get a return on their initial investment.

Akoostix continues to extend Adeos’ capability and is progressing plans to develop a variety of Adeos-based systems. We are also progressing internal and funded R&D projects that will provide more and better capability for Adeos users, as part of our continuous upgrade R&D process/program.

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Land Acoustics and Seismic Surveillance Literature Review – Contract Award

Akoostix has been selected to execute the Land Acoustics and Seismic Surveillance Literature Review for DRDC Atlantic. This contract will support DRDC’s Land Acoustics and Seismic studies for Surveillance Operations (LASSO) project, and will assist them in refining their research direction. Our team will be summarizing the existing knowledge and current state of the art concerning the utilization of acoustic and seismic sensors on or near land. The emphases will be on their use for operational surveillance and on existing techniques and trends for target classification using on-land or land-based acoustic and seismic sensors.

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